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My photo (click ;-) My name is Tomáš Vala and I have studied for 5 years on Charles University in Prague on Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. I have nothing to do with physics but I cannot keep from mathematics - I'm a software specialist. I devote myself to computer graphics. I'm particulary interested in a computer vision, intelligent robotics, digital image processing, neural networks and other techniques for an image recognition.

Regarding this topic I have elaborated a thesis called Single-Image License Plate Recognition. The thesis covers an issue about an automatic licence plate recognition captured by a radar system used to monitor speed on highways in the emirate of Abu Dhabi (the United Arab Emirates).

After an intensive work with my mates we have finished our collective software project (it was not so related to my aims) for our former grammar school. Title System for Digital Photos Management encapsulates a Java client/server application for creating and managing photoalbums comprising of various multimedia formats.

I have put a new coat to a website of my former parish in Staré Město. Finally it will be easier to manage it with the help of a redaction system.

I am catholic and with my wife Lenka we have 3 beautiful children - Alžběta, Tobiáš and Samuel. From this website it is clearly evident that I'm interested to logical puzzles. I also like English langugage and therefore I appreciate every good English book. In my free time I study Hebrew in order to better understand Old Testament in its original. This is how my name looks like in Hebrew: תומאש ואלה

Several years during holidays we worked as instructors in a camp for small childrens (you can see some photos in a photogallery). We always returned really tired from every such camp but even more enriched. Small children can surprise you with their frankness and naturalness. It is a great pleasure to invent games for them when you see that they really like them.

You can also read my curriculum

Finally I can't excuse myself some programming hacks. What do you think this C++ code does?

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
 char*a="#include <stdio.h>%cint main() {%c char*a=%c%s%c;%c ";
 char*b="char*b=%c%s%c;%c char*c=%c%s%c;%c char*d=%c%s%c;%c ";
 char*c="char*e=%c%s%c;%c char*f=%c%s%c;%c char*g=%c%s%c;%c ";
 char*d="char*h=%c%s%c;%c printf(a,10,10,34,a,34,10);%c ";
 char*e="printf(b,34,b,34,10,34,c,34,10,34,d,34,10);%c ";
 char*f="printf(c,34,e,34,10,34,f,34,10,34,g,34,10);%c ";
 char*g="printf(d,34,h,34,10,10); printf(e,10); printf(f,10);";
 char*h="%c printf(g); printf(h,10,10,10);%c return 0;%c}";
 printf(d,34,h,34,10,10); printf(e,10); printf(f,10);
 printf(g); printf(h,10,10,10);
 return 0;

And this?

#include <stdio.h>
#define P(x) void main(){printf(x,#x);}
P("#include <stdio.h>\n#define P(x) void main(){printf(x,#x);}\nP(%s)")
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