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AsciiArt screensaver

A screensaver based on an AsciiArt technique (= drawing with characters). At first it takes a snapshot of your actual desktop and then it fills it with characters of different size and font to create an imitation of your desktop. This step is repeated for another font size. A screensaver settings provide a lot of possibilities and modifications. The application is very small because it was completly written in Win32 API. It also supports a multiscreen desktop.

Sample image is approximately 200kB big due to big ratio of noise (grain) generated by characters.

Download: AsciiArt (20kB - Česky)
Download: AsciiArt (20kB - English)
Last change: 2008-09-01
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

It's a modification of the previous one (AsciiArt) using different technique to render characters. Thanks to faster rendering a whole desktop is filled instantly with characters instead of incremental filling up. A result is a pulsing text with changing font size trying to adapt to colors of underlaying desktop.

If your browser supports Java you can see this technique as an Java applet.

Download: AsciiArt (27kB)
Last change: 2004-04-05
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

I took a fancy to this screensaver and because I hated how it was demanding to CPU I decided to implement it in OpenGL. I transfered all the operations to GPU which could easily deal with them. You can choose to draw characters sequentially or all together and your processor will enjoy a free time. I also added some new effects of drawing (normal, inverted, normal with empty, only characters background and random) and new effects of changing characters size (addition, multiplication and exponent).

You can install this screensaver easily by uzipping downloaded archive to C:\Windows. It ensures that it will be displayed in a screensaver selection window and from there you can configure it. I recommend to set delay between group of characters to 40ms (25fps). You can achieve interesting effect drawing 100% characters at the same time in mode Empty but old HW can have problem with this. Also mode Inverted may not be available for older HW. I personally recommend 1% characters in mode Normal 2 for sequential filling of desktop. Option 1000 characters causes pulsating effect for bigger font size and sequential filling in smaller ones.

Download: AsciiArt OpenGL (48kB - Česky)
Download: AsciiArt OpenGL (48kB - English)
Last change: 2016-05-20
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Bible in cell phone (deuterocanonical books)

Do you want to to have your Bible ready at hand? Download a Bible package to your cell phone. The only requirement is that your cell phone has to support Java applications. Afterwards you can easily read through individual books, create bookmarks or search keywords.

This package contains only deuterocanonical books that I missed in a project called Bible do mobilu (there you can download czech ecumenical translation and Bible 21). I used a tool GoBibleCreator to create this package. The mentioned website is in English and you can find there packages in different languages.

Download: Bible in cell phone (265kB - Česky)
Last change: 2010-03-31
Requirements: Java 2 Micro Edition

Strong's Hebrew Concordance in cell phone

Did you decide to read the Bible in its original (i.e. in Hebrew)? So the Strong's Hebrew Concordance will help you in this task. Mr James Strong numbered all different words in the Hebrew Bible and created a big lexicon from them. This way he managed to unify different translations so that he provided for each word all its possible meanings. My mobile application utilizes data from a project Davar 3 - it is a very useful application for Bible study especially in original languages, it contains books in many translations, dictionaries, lexicons, pictures and audio records. For example you can download the Hebrew Bible including Strong's numbers that will help you with text translation.

In my mobile Strong's lexicon you can search by Hebrew keywords or by Strong's numbers. You cell phone has to support Java applications. If its fonts does not contain hebrew characters, you can switch to image rendering in settings. New feature is that you can control this application using touchscreeen.

Download: Strong's Lexicon (578kB - English)
Last change: 2010-12-27
Requirements: Java 2 Micro Edition

If you have a printed Hebrew Bible in front of you and you are not sure that you determined a word's root corretly you can utilize an extended version of Strong's lexicon. There you can select a verse and the aplication displays Strong numbers for every single word. You can also find all occurrences of a Strong number in the whole Old Testament.

Download: Strong's Lexicon with Bible (1021kB - English)
Last change: 2011-02-01
Requirements: Java 2 Micro Edition

Depth-of-field calculator

If you like photographing and want to achieve impressive photos then you will often creatively work with a depth-of-field. In a portrait photography you want to achieve a blurred background and other way round in a landscape photography you want to get as much as possible to a sharpness zone. I offer you a useful portable helper that will calculate a real depth-of-field (and a hyperfocal distance) of a photographed scene instead of you depending on input parameters (distance of focus, f-number, focal distance, circle of confusion). Your mobile phone has to support Java applications.

Download: DOF calculator (22kB)
Last change: 2009-09-09
Requirements: Java 2 Micro Edition

Maze 3D - DirectX

A 3D virtual maze developed for DirectX 9.0 graphic library. You start in one corner of the 3D maze and your task is to find a way out as soon as possible. At the foreground you can watch a small map of your actual floor. And when you get lost system will show you the right way out of the maze (but in this case time will go faster). You can choose size of the maze and you can smoothly modify a resolution of details during a game.

Download: Maze 3D 2.1 (298kB)
Last change: 2004-11-29
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP + DirectX 9.0

RayTracer - recursive raytracing

logoIt's an application aimed to computer graphics. More specifically it is a way to display a volume representation of 3D scenes by recursive raytracing method. It is one of many photorealistic rendering methods that is suitable to gerate realistic pictures of a world around us. This technique was used for example in Terminator II movie where high-powered computers generated lots of frames showing a "molten" robot and they were assembled to a final scene. It was just a beginning. At the present time there appears a lot of movies that are wholly rendered on computers. It's worth to remark movies by Pixar and a trilogy The Lord Of The Rings.

Download an installation package first and install it. Then you can always download, upack an actualization file and overwrite an executable file in an instllation directory. In gallery you can see some examples of rendered scenes.

Installation package: RayTracer 3.0 (1MB)
Update: RayTracer 3.1 (176kB)
Last change: 2004-07-21
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP

Logical game Logik

Well known logical game that I wrote (in past) in Visual Basic. Your goal is to guess five colors of concealed gems. You can choose between various levels of difficulty and best scores are stored in a hall of fame. All menus and buttons are in English but there is a Czech help available.

Download: Logik (51kB)
Last change: 2000-08-13
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP

Guitar tuner

This application is written directly in Win32 API and is designated as an aid to tune individual strings on your guitar. The program takes a selected system audio input device as an input. It can be a signal from a microphone (for an acoustic guitar) or from an external source (for an electric guitar). I wish you great success!

Download: Tuner (20kB)
Last change: 2004-02-25
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP

Time shifting for SUB and SRT subtitles

Small applications that can help you to shift subtitles to synchronize them with a movie. A file titulky.exe is designed for *.SUB subtitles and a file titulky2.exe is for *.SRT format.

Download: Titulky (32kB)
Last change: 2005-03-10
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP

Fish Fillets - conversion of saved games

If you started to play Fish Fillets under Windows (old version by ALTAR) and you want to migrate to Fish Fillets - Next Generation (also under Linux) you can use this simple utility fss2lua.exe that can convert your saved and completed rooms. The completed rooms are stored in bXX.fss files. After the conversion to name_of_room.lua file and copying it to solved directory you will transfer your old positions to the new version. It's the same way with sXX.fss files (saved positions). You have to remove a suffix _save from a name of destination file and you can copy it to saves directory.

Download: Fish Fillets (16kB)
Last change: 2005-03-10
Requirements: Windows 9x/2000/XP
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