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  • Main - Main page
    • Messages - You can leave a message to other visitors of this web site in this section.
    • Contact - If you want to contact me in any important matter.
    • About - Word or two about me and about what I do.
    • Map - Map of this website which can help you to navigate in it.
  • Downloads - Useful things to download
    • Programs - My programming works comprising of interesting projects, semestral works and other programs mainly made for school.
    • Documents - Textual and other documents I participated. You can find there also complete games for children camps.
  • Gallery - Photos, pictures and puzzles
    • Photos - There are photos from some actions such as children camps, trips, friends meetings and events from our chapelry.
    • Pictures - This section includes my drawings and pictures generated by a computer application.
    • Logical puzzles - A high-quality collection of logical puzzles that are not so easy to solve.
    • Jokes - From these jokes you will learn not only programmers' humour.
  • Christianity - Christianity on-line
    • Prayers - Useful prayers for personal life with God.
    • NFP - Natural Family Planning - symptothermal method (STM).
    • Camps - Everything about our summer children Christian camps.
  • Links - Small guidepost
    • Christianity - Internet is a new medium to gospelize. Although a marriage is nowadays very suppresed (as an "old" institution) it is still a corner-stone of our society.
    • Programming - Programmers and web developers sometimes need some advice.
    • Graphics - 3D scenes modelling, procedural textures, radiozity, raytracing, ...
    • Fun - Lots of FLASH and other games that took my attentions. And links to regular games for parties and children camps.
    • Others - Everything else that doesn't fit in previous categories.
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